Recovery means something different for everyone. It could be that you’re recovering from an injury or simply that you’re taking care of yourself after a workout. In this series, we talk to people in our community about how they recover—plus, what their fitness routine looks like, when they feel most alive, and more. Next up, Dana Li. 

Mab & Stoke’s own Dana Li has always loved to stay active: She participated in figure skating and dance growing up, and today you can find her tackling all kinds of different workouts, like boxing and cycling classes.

So Li is no stranger to the aches of old athletic injuries and muscle pain from tough sessions. Here, learn how Mab & Stoke products have been her recovery heroes, how they’ve surprised her with unexpected benefits, and more.  

On how her recovery journey began…

I work out hard and I need something to help me recover. So, I started taking the Recovery Mab Sticks religiously. For one thing, they’re my favorite flavor. You can mix them into anything, and they’re really refreshing. I was also looking for a way to be less sore and ready for my next workout, because a lot of times, when I hit a hard session, I’m not ready to go the next day — even if I just want to do something really light, like stretching. Recovery Sticks definitely help.  

On surprising side benefits…

My period is just awful—I’m usually curled up in a ball and I don’t want to move. Up until I tried birth control, I also had really long cycles, and I used to faint sometimes. After the first month I took the Recovery Sticks, I started noticing that when I did get my period, I didn’t have any of the typical pains or cramps that I usually would have. I didn’t think too much of it at the time, but now I’m about four months in and I think the Mab Sticks are actually the reason why it doesn’t hurt anymore. It’s crazy—I don’t even feel it. I used to take two Advil, and I also tried Midol, but none of them worked and I didn’t want to be taking OTC medications so frequently. Birth control helped to shorten and regulate my cycle, but never relieved the symptoms. 

On healing from the outside…

I’ve also used the Recovery Cream on my lower back, both during my period and just in general, because I sit a lot during my work day. I’ve discovered that it’s really good for the headaches that I have, so I’ll dab it on my temples. And I use it when old sports injuries flare up randomly. It’s great to have a more natural remedy that works super quickly. I smooth it on my neck, too, just to loosen things up so I can sleep really well.

On how human potential inspires her…

I recently skated for the first time since I stopped almost 12 years ago, and I went back to the same rink where I used to practice. I felt so alive; obviously I couldn’t do all the jumps and stuff, but I was just thinking about how I used to be flying in the air, spinning, and landing. To me, that’s kind of cool. No matter who you are, you have a body and you can move it. I think about the stories of people who have gotten injured and aren’t able to walk, and after rehab they’re walking again. The potential that any one individual person has is crazy to me. 

What I Tried For Severe Menstrual Pain:

Birth control
OTC pain relievers
Hot compress
Eating healthy foods
Vitamin E supplements
Recovery Mab Sticks
Mab & Stoke Recovery Cream

What Worked:
Eating healthy food
Hot Compress
Recovery Mab Sticks
Mab & Stoke Recovery Cream

Pro Tip: When things get stressful, think of three quick things you’re grateful for, Li suggests. The practice helps her to stay grounded and appreciate everything she has.

Pro Tip: Try Li’s evening wind-down ritual that she says helps her sleep like a baby 30 minutes later: Mix a Recovery Mab Stick with a Calm Mab Stick and enjoy as a hot tea. 

Pro Tip: Post-workout, Li likes to drink a glass of water with a Recovery Mab Stick before she starts on her protein shake. 

Recovery Mab Sticks are for post-workout or whenever your muscles and joints are feeling sore or tight. Each stick is packed with Turmeric, Ginger, and CBG, bringing all over relief for hard working bodies.

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