At Mab & Stoke, for each product we develop, every email we send, and box that arrives on a customer’s doorstep, there is a small team working tirelessly to make each detail a success. Our team loves putting products into the world that serve human potential.  We love plants and how miraculous it is that something that grows naturally before our eyes can be harnessed into such incredible fuel for our bodies. We love the rigor of science and the roadmap it creates for our work. We love simple and thoughtful solutions to complicated problems and the joy and relief people experience when they are able to feel their very best selves.

We listen – a lot – because we believe that an empowered community should give voice to its needs, and businesses should hear and support those needs. Since our launch, we have heard regularly from our community about what’s delighted them, what hasn’t, and what goals remain unmet. We heard that Mab Tabs took too long to dissolve, and that the flavor was more bitter than some people liked. Yes, people were getting results, but couldn’t things taste a little bit better? Also, through our work making custom Mab Tabs, we learned (and already kind of knew) that we are all far more alike than we are different. The core goals for most of our customers fell into one of 4 categories: energy, focus, recovery and calm. With this insight in particular, I saw an opportunity to develop our next generation of products.

Starting in January of this year, I began to rethink and redefine the form factor for our concentrated herbal super blends. The Mab Tab was beautiful and had many loyal admirers, but I knew it could be better. I wanted it to taste universally delicious, to dissolve faster and to be highly portable so it could be consumed easily on the go. It needed to remain vegan, gluten free and sugar free. I also felt it was important for the new products to have a perceivable impact within 20-40 minutes, as well as a long term amplified impact if taken daily. Finally, as a strong believer in inside-out / outside-in wellness, I wanted to pair the new version of the blends with a topical product that I have been working on for years. Designed to address the discomfort and inflammation that holds so many of us back from reaching our physical potential, after over 100 iterations, I had finally perfected it.

So today is a really excellent day; it’s a day where I am, frankly, feeling very stoked, both for our company and for our customers. We are launching a whole new line of products called Mab Sticks, each a refreshing and delicious powdered stick that you can shake or mix into a glass of water or the beverage of your choice. Mab Sticks contain potent and highly efficacious botanical blends with no added sugar, no gluten and no animal products. There are four types focused on… you guessed it… Energy, Focus, Recovery and Calm.  Each is designed to be taken on its own or alongside any of the other Mab Sticks, and you can sample each of them in a convenient Variety Pack. There is also a Recovery Cream to smooth over your skin wherever you are feeling tight or sore. 

The new products will begin to ship late September. Our beta testers are already hooked, and I cannot wait to make these products available to the rest of you.