In this new series, we’re breaking down exactly how our products work, so you can wow your friends with a little plant science. Next up: Energy Mab Sticks.

What it does:

  1. Increases energy and endurance
  2. Improves performance
  3. Enhances strength
  4. Mixes well into water, juice, and smoothies with its tart grapefruit flavor

Key ingredients:

  • Astragalus
  • Centella Asiatica
  • Dynamine™ (from Kucha leaf)
  • Green Tea
  • Yerba Mate

How it works:

Energy Mab Sticks contain a blend of ingredients that play well together:

If you’ve already read the ABCs of Focus Mab Sticks, you might recall we mentioned yogis using centella asiatica to help them focus on their meditation. It is also said that they used it for relaxation, because the ingredient tends to have a calming effect. (And it is stimulating in that it may provide mental energy.)

Dynamine, on the other hand, is said to amp you up. That’s actually the product name for the chemical methylliberine, which, like caffeine, binds to adenosine receptors in the brain. Adenosine relaxes the nervous system, so blocking it from binding to those receptors helps you to feel more energized. And great news: It’s believed that Dynamine is not addicting unlike caffeine, and that it doesn’t come with side effects like jitteriness, high blood pressure, and heart dysrhythmias.

Yes, there are also caffeine-containing ingredients like Yerba Mate and Green Tea in Energy Mab Sticks, but don’t worry –– they still contain only about as much caffeine as you’d get from 1/10th of the caffeine in a normal cup of coffee. However, Dynamine extends its half-life, meaning the effects of that small amount will last longer.

Pro Tip: Use exercise along with an Energy Mab Stick to feel more energized.
Pro Tip: Try mixing an Energy Mab Stick into iced tea for an extra boost.
Pro Tip: Focus and Energy Mab Sticks go well together –– try them both to stay sharp and alert. 

Fun fact: It is believed that compounds called triterpenes in Centella Asiatica may help improve the absorption of other ingredients in Energy Mab Sticks. In other words, there’s a pharmacokinetic synergy at play. (Wait until your friends hear you drop that term in casual conversation!)

Energy Mab Sticks in the wild:

“I have one of these at work in the afternoon when I feel myself starting to fade. It’s a great boost minus the nervous buzz I used to get with coffee. Helps me feel recharged and ready to face the rest of the afternoon without a nap! Love it.” – Alexander

“I’ve been trying to reduce my afternoon coffee intake and have instead resorted to fighting post-lunch slumps w/these energy sticks. The effect is really subtle vs coffee, but it’s definitely there, like a gentle little boost to get you through the rest of the workday. Also grapefruit taste is not too sweet/sour, just right.” – April

The Stick Advantage: 

Since our sticks include a powdered herb formula, the results “hit” faster (typically within 20 to 40 minutes) than they would in a chewable or tablet form since your body doesn’t have to break it down. 

A Note on Sustainability:  

All botanical ingredients in Mab Sticks are sustainably sourced, cultivated and harvested. We use organic ingredients wherever possible and wild crafted or ecologically cultivated ingredients depending on what part of the world a particular plant is grown in. Each plant extract  is independently tested for pesticides and other toxic contaminants. We are committed to rigorous testing at each stage of manufacturing to ensure that every Mab Stick is safe for you and the planet.

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Expert insight provided by Kevin Spelman, Ph.D., herbalist and molecular biologist based in Ashland, Oregon, and Bill Chioffi, our lead advisor on supply chain sustainability.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.