When I first created Mab Tabs, I began with baseline immune supporting herbs for every blend. You can’t really help people feel amazing long term if you don’t support their immune health, so that’s where I started. That said, I never imagined, even 6 months ago, that immune support would be all anyone was talking about now, or that we would be living in the midst of a global pandemic. 

Mab Tabs cannot prevent or cure COVID-19, but they are amazing supplements to support daily immune health.  Several weeks ago, a customer of ours – a nurse at a San Francisco hospital – reached out enthusiastically to tell us about how Mab Tabs had become such an important part of her daily life. Her note came on the heels of our realization that many other healthcare workers were also taking Mab Tabs. In response, we decided to create an ongoing program to give away free tins of Immune Mab Tabs to frontline workers who are nominated by our community.  

We are a small start-up and don’t have an endless supply of Mab Tabs, but so far we have been able to keep up with all of the demand that has come from this program.  To date, we’ve committed over 100 tins of Mab Tabs to frontline workers through our direct program, with more signing up or being nominated each day.  We are also partnering with nurses in California to distribute an additional 100 free tins to their co-workers at SF Bay hospitals. 

Beyond our direct program, we have partnered with COVID ER Supporters to distribute another 100 tins of Mab Tabs to healthcare workers at NY Presbyterian Brooklyn Hospital.  This hospital is one of the most overrun with COVID-19 patients in NYC, and they need all the support they can get.  COVID ER Supporters is a grassroots organization founded by Robyn Nagorsky that works with hospitals in New York, Texas, California, Georgia, Florida and Michigan to deliver food, beauty, and wellness products to doctors and nurses on the frontline. So far, they have donated over 100,000 products and raised over $10,000 for healthcare heroes. 

Please help us support frontliners! If you would like to nominate a frontline worker to receive free Immune Mab Tabs, or if you are a frontliner and would like to nominate yourself, reach out to us here, providing a name and email for the person nominated. Alternatively, if you are part of an organization that could help supply products for distribution by COVID ER Supporters, you can find out more about them here.

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