Hives, rashy, splotchy, or “grumpy” skin?  If so, you are in excellent company. Some of us are genetically predisposed to inflamed and irritated skin. We get near a new jar of something wonderful looking, slather it on, and voila! A few hours (or even days) post-application we find that our cheeks are burning and looking more like raw meat than the dewy visage we were hoping for. While there are a multitude of remedies and strategies for addressing sensitive skin, here is our go-to list of things you can do to keep your sensitive skin happy:

  1. Exfoliate – gently – but don’t overdo it!  1-2 times per week with a mild acid exfoliant like lactic acid (no scrubs) is optimal for anyone older than a young adult. 
  2. Skip the suds. SLS is a chemical surfactant that makes your products foam, but it is also hyper-irritating to many of us with sensitive skin. Look for cleansers with plant based surfactants instead.
  3. Avoid synthetic fragrance. Actually, avoid it like your life depends on it, because it very well might. There are so many reasons to abide by this step, but if you need another just watch the film “Stink!” It’s now available on Netflix, and if you don’t know about this issue, prepare to be shocked.
  4. Think inside out. Eat a healthy diet and ingest herbs that have an affinity for supporting your skin barrier. We put a baseline of herbs for skin health in all of our Mab Tabs, but we can dial up those plants in Custom Mab Tabs for folks with more troubled skin.
  5. Use a really good face oil.  There are a number of excellent products on the market, but not all are amazing for sensitive skin. We formulated our Face Oil with ultra-soothing plants like Calendula, Rose Hips and Chamomile, all amazing for keeping grumpy skin at bay.