Here at Mab & Stoke, we love incorporating Mab Sticks and Recovery Cream into our daily routine. Below are some of our best tips and favorite ways to Mab!

Skip the extra caffeine:

Instead of reaching for that second cup of coffee after lunch, I grab my Energy Mab Stick to give me a little pick me up. It gives me enough energy to finish up my workday without the crash afterward. 

-Amanda, Community + Brand Experience

Bedtime Self-care:

I love to add Recovery Cream into my nightly routine. When I’m ready to get into bed, I use Recovery Cream on my neck and feet. The scent instantly relaxes me and the cream helps with muscle tension from the day so I can ease into sleep. 

– Kathleen, Marketing + Digital 

Pre and Post Workout support:

I drink an Energy Mab Stick about 30 minutes before I exercise to help give me an extra push for workouts. Then, I fill my workout water bottle with water and a Recovery Mab Stick so I can sip it throughout my workout and skip the soreness on the other side. 

– Christina, CEO + Founder

Evening Wind Down:

I love mixing the Calm and Recovery Mab Sticks together and drinking it in the evening after dinner. The Calm helps me relax and sleep deeper throughout the night while the Recovery relieves any soreness or aches I might have from workouts or long days at my desk.

-Dana, Growth Marketing + Analytics