Speaker. Writer. Social Justice Advocate. Values-based Corporate Leader. Parlay House Founder.

Today’s Mab Crush is Anne Devereux-Mills. We met Anne after her stellar career as a kick-ass executive, named one of the most influential women in advertising. She’d moved from New York to California, bringing her dynamism, leadership, deep sense of mission, and magical connective powers to new ventures. High points include sponsorship of the seminal Three Strikes Law and executive directing a related Emmy-nominated documentary about post-prison life. As if that weren’t enough to illustrate what one passion-driven, wildly alive human being can do, Anne has just released “The Parlay Effect,”  her book capturing the story, the spirit, and insights of a now-global series of salon-style gatherings. Anne founded Parlay House in her living room in 2012, and has now expanded to multiple cities, including Paris, London, New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. Parlay House is all about women who meet to pull each other forward through a combination of shared experiences, meaningful content, and peer-to-peer connections. Hell, yea! 

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