The Mab Speakeasy — wildly alive human beings played on heavy rotation

The Mab Speakeasy is a space where people we admire are encouraged to share their wild sides. As in the natural world, human society thrives in diversity. We aim to nurture a healthy multitude of voices from artists, activists, herbalists, growers, and impact innovators — all of whom bloom beyond any singular label.

We begin the first in this series with Brooklyn-based artist Laura Supnik. Her whimsical take on plants, people, and everyday scenes and objects drew us to her, so we asked her to draw for us! She’s the magic behind all those beautiful illustrations of the herbs we choose from to craft your personal Mab Tabs. We were so thrilled with the results that we wanted to get to be friends. 

Find Laura in the wild at and follow her on Instagram @laurasupnik  

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