Around Thanksgiving, most of us take pause to consider what we’re grateful for. And among our families, friends, nature, and so much more, our bodies’ abilities to recover, from a variety of things, is topping our lists here at Mab & Stoke. That’s why we curated this list of inspiring Recovery Stories here. Keep reading to find one (or more!) that resonates with you. And we invite you to share your own Recovery Story with us by tagging us on Instagram (@Mabandstoke) with #MyRecovery. 

1. A CEO Heals Chronic Back Pain

Recovery Mab Sticks were born out of Mab & Stoke founder Christina Mace-Turner’s own needs. She struggled with back pain most of her life, until she met an osteopath who pointed to her diet as a potential culprit. Cutting back on gluten and adding a daily anti-inflammatory juice helped her find long-term relief—finally.


2. A Yogi Heals Her Shoulder

Sara Wilcox feels most alive after a strong Vinyasa class. So you can imagine the frustration she felt when shoulder pain became so great that she couldn’t do yoga, at all. Luckily, she found a few things to help her get back into the flow—literally.


3. A Dancer Heals Her Knee

Aly Giampolo danced professionally all over the world for over 10 years. Now, as co-founder of The Ness, a NYC-based trampoline fitness studio, she bounces for up to five hours a day. Here’s how she treats her body right so she can bounce for years to come.


4. An Entrepreneur Heals After Cancer

“I’m literally a miracle case,” says entrepreneur Jennifer Smith of her experience fighting a rare form of cancer. Her new wellness routine includes The Recovery Cream, a daily Snapchat gratitude practice, and a commitment to living in the moment.


5. An Outdoor Enthusiast Heals From Neck Surgery

 It was a cold January day when Jess Swanton was airlifted to the hospital after a spooked horse kicked her in the head, leading to neck surgery. She cites her vegan diet, some smart supplements, and a mindset shift as the most important parts of her recovery. 


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