Recovery means something different for everyone. It could be that you’re recovering from an injury or simply that you’re taking care of yourself after a workout. In this series, we talk to people in our community about how they recover—plus, what their fitness routine looks like, when they feel most alive, and more. Next up, Sara Wilcox.

Sara Wilcox’s days look a little like this: Recovery Mab Stick in water >>> coffee (with Sakara’s Metabolism Powder) + a fried egg  >>> drop off two kids at school >>> Vinyasa yoga >>> work designing lounges for JSX, a “Hop-On” jet service. 

Wilcox is based in Dallas but feels most alive when she’s traveling the world—and after a strong Vinyasa flow. So you can imagine the frustration she felt when shoulder pain became so great that she couldn’t do yoga, at all. Here, her recovery story: 

On the injury:

After 20 years of Chaturangas (and hunching over a laptop doesn’t help), my shoulders became so painful that I was unable to do any yoga at all, which greatly impacted my health and happiness. An orthopedist took x-rays and determined it was rotator cuff damage from repetitive stress. He suggested cortisone shots, but I didn’t want to go down that path right away. I wanted to try more natural, sustainable options first.

On her recovery mindset: 

At first I was very upset and frustrated. I am not a cycling or gym kind of girl, so I felt that if I was unable to do yoga there was really nothing else for me besides walking. I was not motivated to find another form of exercise, and not working out left me tired and grumpy!

On finding relief: 

I started getting monthly chiropractic adjustments and the chiropractor gave me ‘sports’ massages with a focus on removing tension between shoulders. They were much more aggressive than a spa-like massage but it really helped loosen my tight upper back. 

Meanwhile, I added Pilates and restorative yoga to my routine while slightly pulling back on my Vinyasa flow practice. I started taking the Mab & Stoke Recovery Sticks daily and I also love 30 minutes in an ozone sauna.

On looking forward: 

April through June, the pain was all-consuming. Now that I am starting to feel better I plan to continue everything that’s become part of my new routine. 

What I Tried:

What worked:

  • All of the above

Pro Tip: The idea behind an ozone sauna is that the heat opens up your pores so that ozone can get into your bloodstream. Purportedly, this can help with circulation and more. Wilcox says it energizes her and “the physical detox feels so good.” 

Pro Tip: “I don’t think it’s the norm but I mix my Recovery Mab Sticks in water and drink it before my coffee,” Wilcox says. “I need to work on drinking more water throughout the day, so this ritual also helps me start off on the right foot with that goal.”

Recovery Mab Sticks are for post-workout or whenever your muscles and joints are feeling sore or tight. Each stick is packed with Turmeric, Ginger, and CBG, bringing all over relief for hard working bodies.