Because I co-founded and ran a startup for non-toxic skincare, it’s no surprise that people are constantly asking me about their skin.  What products should they use?  Is such and such actually worth the price?  Should they just give up on ever having good skin?  The gold roller, better than a gua sha stone?

I am not a dermatologist but as a person with highly sensitive skin, I have always been into skincare products.  Cheap, pricey, most of my seeking was based on what would not give me a rash or make me break out. I had this problem everywhere, by the way, from my face to my arms, my back and, yes, even my butt! A dermatologist once referred to the skin on my arms as “chicken skin” – ouch! Bad skin is so embarrassing, and while the breakouts lessened as I aged, acne was then replaced by dry and dull looking red skin.  I stopped wearing my favorite deep red lipstick because, honestly, there just wasn’t enough contrast. 

When I finally figured out that what my skin needed was plant-based ingredients, I felt pretty dumb. I had been a plant medicine dabbler most of my life, starting very early with a mother who also was a dabbler, and who forced me to take copious amounts of bitter and often gag-inducing tinctures. How, with my body’s largest (and most troubled) organ, had I overlooked the efficacy of plants that I knew first hand to be both efficacious and profoundly healing? I could write a book on the “why” of this, but will save for a later post.  For now, I’ll just say it was a bizarre revelation to me that simply focusing my skincare on plant-based products could make such a profound difference in the health of my skin.

OK, so how does this all relate to Mab Tabs? Well, the truth is that skin health is complex.  There’s the stuff you put on top of your skin and the stuff you ingest.  Excessive amounts of dairy, refined sugar or processed foods can create some pretty grumpy skin. I personally don’t believe in totally eliminating those foods, but moderation can definitely help improve your skin, and in that vein, so can ingesting the right regimen of plants and certain vitamins if you know you are deficient in them. 

Enter the Renew Mab Tab! This Mab Tab is packed with my favorite herbs for skin.  Many of them can be found in your kitchen, but you’d have to consume a crazy amount to get the concentrated effects of what we have managed to put in this single Mab Tab. Superstars for skin such as burdock, gotu kola, green tea, red clover and milk thistle are the heart of this blend, though it also contains a baseline of herbs to support daily immune health.  It’s 9 products rolled into one skin loving Mab Tab.  You can take up to 2 per day, though one should be plenty for most skin types. Renew Mab Tabs won’t change your skin overnight, but consistent daily use, paired with an awesome face oil, should get you well on the way to wildly beautiful skin. 

I find I enjoy my Renew Mab Tab best in something full of ginger (just grate it in) and any kind of citrus and water. Honestly, you can put it in just about any drink you love; it has a mild and very subtly sweet flavor. So if your skin is grumpy, dull, blemish prone or rashy, this is the Mab Tab for you. Come down off the sad skin ledge and give it a try! Our herbalist team is also happy to tell you more about Renew or talk plant-based skincare in general. You can reach them at

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