Ruby Grapefruit Paloma

This cocktail is made with juicy grapefruit, lime, and mint topped with mineral rich sparkling water. It’s tangy and effervescent – which is just how you’ll feel after drinking it! Boosted with an Energy Mab Stick, this is the beverage to enjoy before a night out dancing. 

Ingredients for 2:

Juice of one whole grapefruit

Juice of 1 whole lime

1 large sprig of fresh mint

1 oz agave

Topo chico water

1 Energy Mab Stick

3 oz Tequila*

Garnish with mint, grapefruit wedge, and lime slice

Mocktail Switchup: skip the tequila and add a little extra Topo Chico!


Muddle fresh mint with agave syrup in a shaker. Pour in citrus juice, tequila (if using), and Energy Mab Stick. Shake vigorously with ice. Pour into two glasses filled with ice and top with topo chico mineral water. Garnish as desired and enjoy.