Sparkling Hibiscus Ginger Iced Tea

This glowing crimson treat-in-a-glass is vibrant in color and flavor. It’s refreshingly tangy and floral from flavorful hibiscus and lemon – with just a hint of spice from fresh ginger. With the mental boost from a Focus Mab Stick, this is your new go-to beverage to snap out of a post-lunch slump.

4 oz Hibiscus + Ginger tea (chilled)
6-8 oz Sparkling Water
Lemon Wheel
1 Focus Mab Stick


Add 1 tablespoon dried hibiscus and 1 inch grated ginger to a teapot or heat-safe jar. Pour over 4 oz of boiling water. Steep until cooled and strain. Mix in Focus Mab Stick. Pour into a glass over ice, add in a lemon wheel, and top with sparkling water.