Do we look and sound a little different? That’s intentional. 

We set out to shake things up and turn the wellness category on its head. 

Think of us as an antidote to the hype, overload, and ennui of the supplement space. 

We’ve invented something that’s everything you need at your core to stoke your inner engine. We take the guesswork and grind out of feeling better, and deliver it in a more potent, simple, and beautiful way. 

We want to spark a new conversation. 

One that embraces the wonder of life and rebuffs actions driven by guilt. 

One that values experience over purity. Messiness over perfection. Adventure over denial.

One that celebrates our connection to nature and gives back to restore wild spaces.

One that champions the nourishing power of art and deliciousness of great design.

So what is it that Mab & Stoke actually does? 

We power human beings of all shapes, sizes, and dreams with a daily moment of confident ceremony — one that fuels you mentally, emotionally and physically. 

The springboard for this moment is our hero: Mab Tab.

Mab Tab is the world’s first herbal super tab. It’s a custom blend of high-quality herbal extracts, carefully crafted to set you on a path to feeling amazing. On a more human level, Mab Tabs may come to feel like a unique, happy, potent, indispensable, and mighty fetching best friend.

Mab Tabs are for anyone who cares more about living life than sweating the details. 

We’re for those who wish to feel awesomely alive amid the daily bumps.

Ready to stop feeling dampened by the challenges, stresses and temptations of life? 

Let us help bring back the stoke. 

What happens next is up to you.


P.S. All ingredients are organic, sustainably wildcrafted, or ecologically cultivated. All packaging is biodegradable, recyclable, or reuseable. For every purchase, we plant a tree with our partners American Forests.

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